• Snickers
      "A Buzz Mistake"

      Starring Bukayo Saka and Luka Modrić

    • Streets For All

    • Jura
      "Roger vs. Robot"

      starring Roger Federer

    • Jimdo
      "Work Like Four"

      starring Neil Patrick Harris

    • VW
      "Back Home"

      Adam & Eve / DDB

    • Müller
      "The Race"

      starring Dina Asher-Smith

    • LEGO Dimensions
      "Doc Brown"

      starring Christopher Lloyd

    • Snickers
      "Locker Room"

      starring Joan Collins

    • The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: We All Rock

      Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Show (HBO)

    • Derek Zoolander, Male Model

      starring Ben Stiller

    • BetVictor

      VCCP London

    • Sony
      "Dive In"

      Jung von Matt, Hamburg

    • VW

      Adam & Eve / DDB

    • A/C Pro
      "Dog Days"

      Merkley & Partners

    • AT&T
      "Decisions" (director's cut)


    • LEGO Dimensions

      starring Alison Brie

    • The Oscars

      starring Neil Patrick Harris

    • Head & Shoulders

      Saatchi & Saatchi

    • L'Oreal
      "Tie A Tie"

      VCCP London

    • VW
      "3 Cars"

      Adam & Eve / DDB

    • Tide

      starring Betty White

    • Harlan McCraney, Presidential Speechalist

      starring Andy Dick

    • BetVictor

      VCCP London

    • Euronics
      "Run Titan Run"

      Jung von Matt, Berlin

    • CHECK24
      "Giant Basketball"


    • Queen Latifah in Twilight: New Moon

      People's Choice Awards

    • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

      FX Network

    • Michelob Ultra Amber
      "Touch Football"


    • Red Sox vs. MasterCard

      Comedy Central's Last Laugh

    • Missouri Lottery: Luckytown

      Barkley Evergreen & Partners

    • Seattle Symphony
      "Les Paul or Strat?"

      Cole & Weber, Seattle

    • Behind The Scenes:
      Sony World Cup Films

    • Bruce Testones, Fashion Photographer

      VH1 Fashion Awards

    • T-Mobile
      "The Rambler"

      Publicis In The West

    • Red Lobster
      "Lint Man"

      Euro RSCG Tatham, Chicago

    • Rolling Rock

      starring Jim Gaffigan

    • Mark Lanegan
      "House A Home"

      Sub Pop Records

    • Sunny Day Real Estate
      "In Circles"

      Sub Pop Records

    • The Lemonheads
      "If I Could Talk I'd Tell You"

      Atlantic Records